2013 SIG-IS Summer Reading Selection – Invent to Learn

Invent to Learn

The executive committee of the Independent School Special Interest Group (SIG-IS) of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) are pleased to announce that we have chosen the book, Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom by Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager as our selection for our Summer Reading program.

Invent to Learn is a timely exploration of the Maker movement, the integration of STEM, STEM + Arts, computer programming, and rapid prototyping using devices such as 3d printers which many schools are currently investigating. Sylvia and Gary provide both the philosophical and pedagogical argument as to why this type of learning is essential for our students to experience as part of learning in the 21st Century. Additionally, they a blue print of how schools can begin to incorporate this into the classrooms, labs, and libraries using low cost materials, such as cardboard and duct tape through the use of programmable micro-controllers such as the Arduino family, Makey Makeys, or Raspberry Pi. They provide links to a variety of programming languages so that you can begin to evaluate and determine which fits the educational goals at your school.

Invent to Learn, recently released is available in both a Kindle (access via link) and paperback version. Sylvia and Gary have graciously offered to allow you to purchase the paperback version at a price well below the $34.95. If you want to purchase the paperback version, we ask you to fill out the following Google Form (http://goo.gl/ma1Rr). After you have entered the form, you will receive instructions on how to get your discount. Sylvia and Gary have asked that you not openly publish this price on a web page. If you are wanting to purchase in bulk (> 20) for your school, you can contact Sylvia and Gary directly at sales@cmkpress.com.

Instead of some online discussions to support members reading the book, instead, we are encouraging that this summer, that SIG-IS members get into the spirit of the book and “make” this summer. Examples of items that you can make can include:

Making a program in Scratch, Tynker, of one of the other programming languages

Purchase a Makey Makey and build an interface using found materials around the class

Use a 3d design program such as Google Sketchup, TinkerCad, AutoDesk 123Design

Participate and create your own project using Caine’s Challenge (http://cainesarcade.com/cardboardchallenge/)

Make the largest bubbles or coolest paper airplane you can

Learn to fold oragami

A project from the Make website (http://blog.makezine.com/projects/), such as a Water to Wine cooler or Laminar Flow Water Fountain

Learn how to build and make in Minecraft

The choice is really limited by your time, energy, and expertise.

SIG-IS will also be sponsoring several activities to coincide with the book to celebrate your “making”  which we hope you will consider participating in throughout the summer through September. They will include:

Moderating an #isedchat twitter chat in July

Hosting a series of Google Hangouts, What Are You Making so that can share what you have made

The chance to share your project and reflections on your process on the SIG-IS blog

A webinar in September featuring a conversation with Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager about the book.

We hope that you will join us for this exciting opportunity.

One thought on “2013 SIG-IS Summer Reading Selection – Invent to Learn

  1. I’d very much like to participate. The Make Movement is near and dear to my heart. I’m looking forward to reading the book and ‘making’ with the group this summer.

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