Interested in a Makey Makey?

One of the more interesting I discovered this year was the Makey Makey. It is a programmable device that when connected to your computer, will allow you to create new ways to input keystrokes rather than using your keyboard. When combined with the Scratch programming language, your creations are limited only by your time and imagination.

Makey Makey Group How to Contest

JoyLabz, the manufactures of the Makey Makey, are currently running their Group-How-To Contest ( For those who are interested and able to create a creative Makey Makey activity. Five submissions will receive a $1000 stipend. Other creative submissions will be featured in a publication to be determined.

In this “Summer of Making,” we wanted to let you know of this opportunity to make, that you have a chance to get rewarded for trying something new.

Makey Makey Special Offer

Whether or not you want to enter JoyLabz’s contest, we have arranged with JoyLabz to be able to provide you the chance to purchase a Makey Makey at a discount. Like the discount our our summer reading book, Invent to Learn (which you can still access at, we cannot advertise the discount. To access the discount, you can fill out the form – Upon the submitting the form, you will receive the instructions on how you can access the special price.

We want to thank Joy Warburton from JoyLabz for making this offer possible.


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